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Who is Lady Ganache?



Sometime in 2015, around Cape Town winter, I was taking a break from studying for my exams, chilling out watching a series all about desserts and occasionally re-watching some of my favourite TV series like Frasier and Star Trek (nerd alert). Anyone who knows me personally or via Pinterest will know that I absolutely LOVE pudding. I know, I know, for many just the mention of dessert is an all-forbidden pleasure that will only make you fat and with our societal conditioning nobody wants to be fat right? But pudding is the best thing EVER! I mean who in their right mind would refuse homemade lemon and buttermilk ice cream? Or a slice of delicious chocolate cake covered in ganache? Come ON!


Nevertheless, whatever your feelings associated with dessert, I will not sacrifice pudding for all the tea in China.


It was this thought that got me thinking about how to combine all that I am into a brand name for my original music that will embrace my plus sized XXL body, love for dessert, and other personality traits and characteristics. I started thinking about what it’s been like living as a big girl in the SA music industry and whether there are other big girls (and guys) out there who need to embrace their XX’s and maybe also their ex’s.


You see, my music is all about relationships: the attraction, the chase, the delicious first kiss; the all-entwining lovemaking; the complicated emotions, the denial, the break-up, and the most important part: the moving on to something or someone better for you.


At this point the cogs in my brain were moving at around 120bpm and the ideas were formulating so quickly that I needed to tear myself away from learning how to fry ice cream to furiously jot down everything about my alter ego and body positive heroin-to-be: Lady Ganache.


Let me stop here for a moment to add that yes, I have a XXL body and have always been a big girl who loves to eat delicious things but I have been living a quality-focused life since reaching my 30s that includes portion size and exercise and reducing sugar and carbs: because if I’m going to eat sugar and carbs I’ll save it for dessert! Basically I’ve realized that life is too short to neglect your health but also WAY too short to deny yourself all of life’s glorious pleasures, like pudding. I strive for daily balance. Some days I get it right and other days it all goes up in a crème brulee flame – and that’s ok. Life is for living and everyone should have the freedom to live life to the fullest (no pun intended!).


Getting back to Lady Ganache, I started to see a Marvel-like super heroin character in my mind’s eye: a sexy plus sized badass diva who kills calories with kindness (embrace your XX’s remember?). A couple of emails later and the image of Lady Ganache was born equipped with ammo belt and crème brulee gun. The idea is that our XXL heroin will develop into a comic strip together with secondary characters like her caramel-coloured cat, Macadameow who is her wise supposed-to-be side kick that really couldn’t be arsed to leave the house but gives her sound advice (again, no pun intended!) and is a witty character full of heart but a little bit crazy (think Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service and Cheshire from Alice in Wonderland).


The comic book angle for Lady Ganache comes from my ridiculous love for Marvel and Science Fiction. Growing up, the only plus sized character I could relate to as a little girl was Miss Piggy who was my hero up until discovering Ella Fitzgerald in my first year of studying jazz vocal performance. I want Lady Ganache to be a fun way to channel the body positive message to EVERYONE while also being the brand name and image for my original music together with my physical self of course. My music is my story but like so many stories lived before me I see a common thread: we are all going through the same life journey. There are too many similarities when it comes to the human condition and it is the awareness of these similarities that gives us the opportunity to relate to one another and create powerful bonds that have potential to mobilise communities, unite continents, and activate change.


There is a huge collective consciousness that is rising up and coming out of the plus sized shadows to embrace ALL bodies as beautiful and worthy of the little black dress and sexy pink bikinis. I admit that it is still difficult for me to accept my body as it is and I do struggle sometimes to embrace my XX’s. Being rejected and judged as ‘less than’ for the bulk of your life is a XXL challenge too big to shift in the blink of an eye but this is why we must start early and stop allowing society to demean little fat girls and boys when we can educate and support them to live a body positive lifestyle with our words and actions. Many stunning women are revealing their belly rolls, spare tyres, and thunder thighs and the internet is abuzz with celebration for the big girls and guys who can be seen on fashion runways around the world whether in gorgeous lingerie or designer tailored jackets. For the first time in my life I am not shy to wear a tight dress or a sleeveless shirt because I see women like Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, and Fluvia Lacerda in all their plus sized deliciousness and I think to myself: this is where I belong; this is where I am accepted; this is what I want to spend my time doing – embracing my XX’s and being part of the collective that celebrates body positivity.


Being plus sized and embracing your XX’s is not about separation from the bigger picture but realizing that you are also part of that picture so put on your best lipstick baby and say CHEESECAKE!




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